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  • negative thoughts

    What Do You Do With Negative Thoughts? Many people try to substitute “positive thinking” for the disturbing thoughts they want…

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  • decision maker

    Don’t obsess over right and wrong decisions. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift…

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  • Signs of Falling in Love

    For whatever reason, our bodies seem to be programmed to fall in love as the season changes and everything outside…

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  • as

    A. S. (automobile), a small French car in the 1920s A.S. Design, another French car A. S. (truck), a Dutch…

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  • Ways to Improve Memory

      ways to improve memory ways to improve memory  is a fact that not everyone is blessed with a good…

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  • Best fat burning foods

    Best fat burning foods When it comes to burning fat, not all foods are created equally.  We all know we…

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