What is a Compound Microscope

What is a Compound Microscope

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What is a Compound Microscope

What is a Compound Microscope  is also the related topic to the geometrical optics.

Compound Microscope:

Compound microscope has two converging sets of lenses
the objective and the eyepiece and is used to investigate
structure of small objects . Following are some
features of compound microscope:

What is a Compound Microscope

  • It gives greater magnification than a single lens.
  • The objective lens has a short focal length, ƒo < 1 cm.
  • The eyepiece has a focal length, ƒe  of a few cm.

Magnification of the Compound Microscope

Magnification can be determined through the ray diagram as
shown in Fig. 12.33. Objective forms a small image I inside
the focal point of eyepiece. This image acts as an object for
the eyepiece and the final larger image I2  is formed outside
the focal point of the objective.

What is a Compound Microscope

The magnification of compound microscope is given by

M=L/fo(1+do/fe) where L is the length of compound microscope which is equal
to the distance between objective and eye piece, do is near
distance of object from eye, fo  and fe  are the focal lengths of
objective and eye piece respectively.

Uses of Compound Microscope

A compound microscope is used to study bacteria and other
micro objects. It is also used for research in several fields of
sciences like, Microbiology, Botany, Geology, and Genetics.

For your information

What is a Compound Microscope

We see because the eye forms
images on the  retina  at the back of the eyeball.

Focal length ofmagnifying glass
On a sunny  day,  hold the magnifying glass, which is  a converging  lens,  above  a nonflammable surface, such as a sidewalk, so that  a round spot of light is formed on the surface. Note where the spot formed by the  lens  is  most distinct, or smallest. Use the ruler to measure the distance between the magnifying glass and the surface. This distance is the approximate focal length of the lens.

Compound microscops
Objective  lens  has  smaller
focal  length,  than  the eyepiece.Distance  between  the
objective  lens  and  the eyepiece is greater than f0+fe.It  is  used to see very small objects.

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